estates near Grobin in Kurland #courland #latvia

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I just received wonderful information >from the Latvian Archives. They said
my Great-Grandfather, David Greenspon, lived near Grobin (which is in
Kurland) for more than 20 years. He first lived in the inn-house Staben of
the Bukamens estate and then moved to estate Mezheneken.

Does anyone have any information or clues about these estates?

It also says he lived in the "Oberbartau volost of the Grobin district" in
one place and "near Grobin" in another.

Was Grobin both a town and a district?

Is Oberbartau another term for Libau?

Thank you very much for any help and suggestions. I'm going to Latvia in
the Spring and trying to get as much information as possible.

Best Regards,

Polina Olsen
Portland, Oregon

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