R.Yechiel Michel of Medzibush #rabbinic

Hillel Bick <hillelbick@...>

My ancestor R. Yichiel Michel (last name may have been MARGALIYOT)
became ABD of Medzibush in approx 1840 - and died 1863 -in Medzibush.

He took over the rabbanut by invitation >from R. Shaul Yisaccher Dov
Bick who retired to devote himself to Torah. R. Yichel Michel's first
daughter married R. Tzvi Aryeh Bick and when she died, R. Tzvi Aryeh
married the second daughter (Devora and Fruma). After R. Yichiel
Michel died, R. Tzvi Aryeh Bick became ABD.

R. Yechiel Michel father is supposed to be R. Shmuel Shmelke ABD of
Uman, his father was R, Moshe who married the daughter (Beila ?) of
R. Shmuel Shmelke of Nikolsburg (brother of R. Pinchas)

Does anyone have any information on R. Yichiel Michel and whether his
name was MARGALIYOT - and if so how he fits into the MARGALIYOT line
(can't find him on the printed lists) - any info on the father and
grandfather and the connection to R, Shmuel Shemelke of Nikolsburg.

Thank you
Hillel Bick

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