Re: R' Joachim POLLAK 1798-1879 Trebitsch Moravia #rabbinic

Tomer Brunner

Here is what I found about Rabbi Chaim Yosef (Hoachim) POLLAK, as it
appears in the Hebrew book "The Chatam Sofer and his pupils" by Rabbi
M.A.Z Kunstlicher (Bnei-Brak, 2004)

Under the section of the the pupils of the Chatam Sofer (Rabbi Moshe
Sofer of Pressburg) he is mentioned:

Rabbi Chaim Yosef POLLAK, A.B.D of Trebitsch
Born in 1798 (or 1799?) to his father, Rabbi Shabtai POLLACK,
son-in-law of Rabbi Chaim Toisig, who was head of the Rabbinical
court in that town.

He studied also in Tritsch, under the local rabbi, Rabbi Elazar Low
(later A.B.D of Santov) and under Rabbi Arie Yehuda Leib Tauber
(Teltsch), A.B.D Galanta.

He became son in law of Rabbi Natan Nate Oestreicher of Tritsch, in
1825, and lived near his father in law.

In 1829 he became A.B.D of Trebitsch, where he died in 2nd of Tevet

He wrote: Mekor Chaim (Pressburg 1849) and more. An answer to him
appears in response "Chatam Sofer" (part "Choshen Mishpat", number:

Among his descendants:
1) His son, who substituted him, Rabbi Shmuel POLLAK, ABD Trebitsch
(died 20th Elul 5666 = 1906)
2) His son, Rabbi Shabtai POLLAK
3) His son, Rabbi Shimon POLLAK

The text is long and includes letters >from his and about him. Also
in the book is a picture of him, a photocopy of a letter he wrote
and a photo of his tombstone.

Best regards,
Tomer Brunner, Israel

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