Zidichov #rabbinic


Maybe you can help me. My mother was originally An EICHENSTEIN as
was known to be a descendent of the Ziditchover Dynasty. Would you
know how I can go about getting more information. Her great great
great mother's name was Rachel Pearl , and her sons name was Yosef
Wolf EICHENSTEIN. His sons name was Shlomo, has his sons name was
Yosef Wolf but he had to change his last name to FARKAS. He came
from I think >from Rozdol and escaped to Hungary since his name was
Wolf he changed his last name to FARKAS which is a wolf. They ended
up in Munkacz. his sons name was Eli, and my mother was his
daugther. Eli also had a brother Yitscok Eisek. The first Yosef
Wolf's father in law was STERN and his father in law was Shlomo

Solomon Schlussel
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