Mordechai Leib-ABD Karlin-mid 19th cent. #rabbinic

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My ggguncle notes in his diary that the RAB"D of Karlin , a
Mordechai Rudiner (Ruzhiner?), was a relative of his mother. His
mother's name was Sarah Hinde SHATZ daughter of Yosef SCHATZ (He
was either a Schat"z of Karlin or his name was that or both).
According to family tradition we are also related somehow to the
Volozhin family, either directly to Reb. Chaim or to someone in his
extended family. Supposedly his son, Reb. Itzaleh, was the
"shushvinin" at my ggggreat grandmother's wedding.

Reseaching a bit about Karlin of mid 19th cent. I see that
R' Mordechai Leib ZACKHEIM, had been in Karlin during this time.
Iv'e tried to make some family connections with him, I copied the
names of his descendants in "The Scattered Seeds" but haven't been
able to find a connection or find anyone who knows any of these
people. I understand that Mordechai ZACKHEIM also served in Ruzhin,
which if correct would make him a perfect candidate for my relative

On the other hand, R' Shmuel Avigdor "Tana Tosfo'ah", was also an
AB"D in Karlin around this time and he is known to have had a
son-in-law, a certain Mordechai Leib (family name unknown). I don't
think that these are the same Mordechai Leib. If I'm not mistaken
Shmuel Avigdor had a SOLOVEITCHIK son-in-law. As a young man I
thought I heard that my grandparents who were close with the
SOLOVEITCHIKs in Washington Heights, were distantly related to them
(that would be through the Volozhin connection).

Can anyone comment on the above? Thank you

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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