JOWBR Update August 2008 #rabbinic

Warren Blatt <wblatt@...>

JewishGen is pleased to make two announcements about
JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR).

Firstly, we have made an important enhancement to
JOWBR's search capability: you can now search and
filter by the name of the town of burial.
This feature allows you to see all of the burials
in a particular town, as well as filter searches
by location.

Secondly, JOWBR has recently uploaded tens of thousands
of new records. The searchable database now includes
over one million burials in nearly 2,000 cemeteries and
landsmanschaft plots worldwide. See
< >
for a complete list of all cemeteries, listed by country
and then by city or region. The database is searchable at
< >.

Notable additions have been made for Canada, Hungary,
Romania, and the United States. Almost 9,300 photos of
matzevot (tombstones) have also been added to the database.

Between August 2007 and July 2008, JOWBR added more than
272,000 burial records and almost 23,000 photos of the
matzevot. We are not slowing down after reaching the
milestone of a million records; we are racing against time
to record ever more cemeteries due to the effects of time,
weather, and the destruction of cemeteries and graves by
human hands.

None of this growth could be possible without our volunteers,
who donate the records and photos to JOWBR and who work
incredibly hard collecting data and often recruiting groups
to help photograph tombstones and enter data.
Two volunteers were recently recognized in JewishGen's blog, at
< >.
There are many more whose efforts will be recognized soon.

Please contact Joyce Field at < jfield@... >, or
Nolan Altman at < nta@... >, if you have
questions about JOWBR.


Warren Blatt
Managing Director, JewishGen
< wblatt@... >

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