Re: Abraham Itsak Katz #rabbinic

yoni and rivka benari <yrcdi@...>

On 2008.09.04, Max Rempel Myakishev <max.rempel2@...> had written:

I am looking for information on Abraham Itsak Katz (b. appr. 1780),
the son of Menachem Nohum TWERSKI of Chernobyl (1730- 1797), and the
father of Garav Aaron Azriel JAFET (1810 (appr.) -1861), the head of
the Resekne Rabbinic Court.
On 2008.09.07, Neil Rosenstein <neil@...> responded in part:

Menachem Nachum could *not* have a son named KATZ as the TWERSKY line
was not Kohanic. There appears to be an error in your source.
We have neighbors KATZ who are not Kohanim. The spelling is with a
"Kuf" rather than a "Kaf". Also it is known that people who married
into famous rabbincal families sometimes changed their own family
name to the rabbinical family names -as I learned >from "The Unbroken
Chain" (e.g., People marrying into the Leviim-LANDAU or HOROWITZ

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat (possibly descendant of R' Naftali KATZ - the
Smichat Chachamim)

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