Re: Announcement from Joyce Field #austria-czech

Eilat Gordin Levitan

I was very sorry to read the announcement that Joyce Field will be
leaving on December after over 12 years of association with
JewishGen. Joyce is heading the Yizkor book project and was very
helpful to me ever since I submitted my very first translation for
the Kurenets Yizkor book. I had no prior experience, yet Joyce took
the translations while encouraging me to do a better job. She would
read every word and demand a better editing, more coherent text, and
higher quality scans of pictures >from the original books. As timed
passed, I submitted to Joyce translations of other Yizkor books done
privately by some Israelis. Some translations were done by survivors
who had little knowledge of the English language but big wish to see
the books online. Joyce was kind, finding editors to work with them.
Her remarkable memory for details helped reunite cousins after more
then 60 years. Descendants of Chaim of Volozhin who were under the
impression that they are the only survivors.

Thank you so much Joyce,
Eilat Gordin Levitan

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