Re: Who was the Admor of Siedlice? #rabbinic

Perets Mett <p.mett@...>

On 2008.12.21, Cindy Gallard <> wrote:

I recently found a tombstone with an inscription on which it said
that the deceased was the daughter of Yehoshua Asher, Admor of
Siedlice. She died in 1995. It further gives an impressive list of
Gedolim >from whom she descended. This list included, Elimelach of
Lizhensk and Yacov Yitzak, the Chozen of Lublin.

The woman's married name is on the stone, but I would like to find
out her maiden name. Can anyone tell me about Yehoshua Asher?
Rabbi Yehoshua Osher ROITBLAT (5640/1880 - 5702/1941) d. Turkestan
was known as the Shedlitser Rebbe.

What was her first name?

It would be interesting to have the full list of antecedents named
on her matseivo.

Perets Mett

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