Rav Mordechai JAFFE and DNA testing. #rabbinic

James Bennett <Bennett@...>

I'm seeking a comprehensive descendant tree of the Rav. Mordechai JAFFE,
"Ba'alei HaLevushim" [~1530-1612]--especially in digital format: FTW or at
least in GEDCOM.

For years I have been trying to link my JAFFE family in Rawitsch, Posen
Province to the Ba'alei HaLevushim, with no success.

My oldest ancestor was Avraham Jaffe, b.~1680. >son Moshe> grandsons Shmuel
and Avraham, > great grandsons Avraham Shmuel, Shimshon, Meir, Hirsch and

The name pattern is similar to that of the rabbinical family -- but I
haven't found any Mordechai's in my family.

I have living JAFFE male relatives--direct-line descendants of my earliest
ancestor. Has any of you JAFFE's >from the Levushim family taken a DNA
test? If so I will get one of my cousins to do the same and we will see if
there is a genetic similarity.

Jim Bennett
Haifa, Israel

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