Descendants of Arieh Leib of Raseiniai #rabbinic

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Reviewing old files of family research I came across a chart titled
"Descendants of Areih Leib" who was married to Rivka EPSTEIN and
lived in Raseiniai. The chart was most likely sent to me by a member
of the rav-sig forum (or possibly Jewishgen). I would appreciate if
the person who sent me the chart or anyone else who recognizes the
above names would contact me as I believe we may be connected to some
of the Rabbinical figures mentioned in the chart.
Other individuals in the chart include: R' Shmuel Avigdor "Tana
Ttosefah" of Karlin and Rabbis in the MINTZ family.
Thank you
Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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