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Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am almost sure we are (very) distant cousins.

We have a similiar line of descent >from the MaHaRSHA"L. All the names
you mention appear in our tree but as there are many Shmuel ben Arieh
and Arieh ben Shmuel and Efraim Fishels in the tree I can not place
the exact generations you are refering to.

The Efraim Fishel we are descendant from, was >from Ludmir (I believe
he was a Parnass of the Four Lands),and was the brother of the author
of the "Be'er Heitev" . His son and grandson are R' Shmuel and R'
Arieh Leib who were Rabbis of Kremenetz. Their son-in-law was a Yosef
from Breznitz (?) who was supposedly the Rav of the town.
If you, Michael, or anyone else on this forum is interested in more
details as to our line please contact me so we can share information.
The so-called missing link is information about this Yosef who we
don't know much about.

Shavua tov

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 4:36 PM, Michael Waas <panthersfan27@...> wrote:

My cousin and I have been discussing our ancestral line of late since the
original information I had has come into doubt (that we descend >from Rabbi
Samuel ben Rav Chaim Cheikel, Admorim of Amdur). It appears, pretty
conclusively, that we descend >from The Gaon of Minsk, Chief Rabbi of Minsk
and the Upper District, Rabbi Shmuel Amdurer. My cousin knows his ancestry
quite well (Rabbi Shmuel Amdurer is the son of Rabbi Yosef Amdurer, the son
of Rabbi Shmuel Feivish who wrote "Beit Shmuel," the son of Rabbi Or-shraga
Feivish, the son of Yehuda-Leib of Voroslav...Shmuel Feivish was the
son-in-law of Rabbi Arie Leib ben R. Ephraim Fischel, who was the descendant
of the MaHaRaSHaL and the Rema (Moses Isserlish).

Now the question that we both have is how our family fits. We know that our
LCA Joseph Amdur(sky or er) was born on the 20th of October, 1837 in Mogilev
to Shmuel and Rachel (Rokhilia). Shmuel was the son of Mendel and Rachel was
the daughter of Yosef. Mendel was the son of the Gaon of Minsk >from what we
know in the Hebrew source records...But what is troublesome is the fact that
it appears my g-g-g grandfather Menachem Mendel David Amdur, the son of
Joseph Amdursky, was born as early as when Joseph was 13 and no later than
Joseph's 15th birthday because my g-g-grandfather, Morris Amdur, was born
between 1866-1870 (we don't know for sure at this time). We are looking for
help in how this could be possible because it appears he is several years
senior to the rest of his siblings. Another troubling fact is the fact that
we can't figure out why the family would have gone back to Mogilev since it
appears they left for Jerusalem in 1841 but my line of the family is all
clearly born in Mogilev and the youngest brother (Harry Hersche Amdursky)
was born between 1872 and 1877 in Mogilev, while the rest of the siblings
all seem to have been born in Jerusalem!

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