Searching for Ingeborg PFLEGER / POROMBKA #austria-czech

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Dear All,

This is the first time I have posted anything so I hope I am doing it

I started to research my family tree in October, and have managed to
find out an amazing amount of information. However, amongst my research
I have found that my father's first cousin had an illegitimate child.
The child was born in 1925 and after WW2 ended this "child" made contact
with my father via the Jewish Refugees Committee. I have correspondence
which belonged to my father between the two of them. It has also come to
light that this "child" herself had a child who was looking for members
of her family as recently as 1994. I have tried everything I can to
track both women and I have come up against a brick wall. I am hoping
that maybe someone somewhere can help.

My father's cousin's name was Max Mendel WASSERMANN born July 1895 in
Radymno Poland. He moved to Germany - Metz / Berlin / Leipzig and
His illegitimate daughter was born April 1925 and her name was Ingeborg
POROMBKA. I don't know where she was born whether in Germany or Austria,
but the correspondence relates to Bregenz and Innsbruck.
Ingeborg POROMBKA had a daughter called Ingeborg PFLEGER. She was

looking for members of the WASSERMANN family in 1994 via the Jewish
committee in London. Correspondence has been passed to me relating to
her search. She used to work for Austrian Television as a freelance
journalist. She must be in her late 40's early 50's.

Does anyone know of her? or heard of her? I have tried the telephone
directories and she is not listed.

Thank you so much.

Chantal Auerbach

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