Shmuel Amdurer of Minsk #rabbinic



This is an addendum to my recent email to the Group. Does anyone know
who the sons of R' Shmuel Amdurer, Gaon of Minsk and Chief Rabbi of
Amdur and the Upper District, were? We've identified two sons:
R'Ephrahim Fishel ben Shmuel Amdurer and R'Arie Leib ben Shmuel Amdurer
(his grandson R'Avraham Baharav wrote "Beit Avraham")

Thanks for all your help. In my current estimation, we either have
another son of Shmuel Amdurer or are missing one generation. My g-g-g
grandfather Menachem Mendel David Amdursky (born bet 1851-1853), son of
Yosef Amdursky (born 20 Oct 1837), son of Shmuel Amdurer(born bet
1792-1812), son of Mendel Amdurer (born bet 1767-1787), son of the Gaon
possilbly? (Shmuel Amdurer was born in 1718 and died in 1777 and was
buried in Rakau). Its obvious to my cousin and I that if we are missing
generations, we are only missing one or two though I find it highly
unlikely that there'd be several consecutive generations have children
as teenagers though that's what happened with my g-g-g grandfather and
his father. Who knows???


Michael Waas
Miami, FL

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