Rabbinic Intermarriage and Tay Sacks #rabbinic


I am trying to trace what could be the possible genesis of Tay Sacks
in my family and need some help. The story in the family was that
they were 19 generations Rabbis until my ggrandfather left for the
US and that they intentionally intermarried. It appears to be true.
The facts are that his daughter, my grandmother, was a Tay Sacks
carrier as am I.

I have found what might be the first case of intermarriage in my
family and hope to hear >from other family members as to whether or
not Tay Sacks exists in their branch as well.

Dreizel ISSERLES m Simha Bonem MEISELS they had 2 children Judha Leib
MIRKES and Israel Bainisch MEISELS. Judah's daughter Leah MIRKES
married Israel's gggrandson Michael EISENSTADT who was the son of

Meir EISENSTADT had a son Michael and a daughter Chava. Michael's son
Zvi Hersch m Chava's daughter. Their son was Elimelech KAMENETSKY of

Elimelech KAMENETSKY had 2 sons Elijah Akiva who married Genia. Her
parents were Khasa VOLOZHINER and Mordecai KAMENETSKY(another relative).
Their granddaughter Luba m Chaim Pincus KAMENETSKY. His father Pincus
was the son of Elimelech KAMENETSKY and the brother of Elijah Akiva.

Luba and Chaim Pincus KAMENETSKY are my grandmother's grandparents.

I believe that they gene must have come through the EISENSTADT side of
the family. In the original tree that I had before the internet none of
this was clear as the names for each generation changed between

Thank you for your help.

Marjory Seltzer Nickelsberg, Arad, Israel


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