Descendant of Maharal of Prague #rabbinic

Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@...>

Dear RavSIG members,

I am writing to try to clarify a supposed connection to the Maharal of
Prague, Chief Rabbi Judah Loew. I have already done a Google search, as
well as checking the Jewish Encylopedia online and the Encyclopedia
Judaica online , and the Rav-SIG archive, but do not seem to be able to
find the information I am hoping to find. Unfortunately, I do not read

The item I am interested in is >from a link shown in one of the charts in
the book of Malcolm Stern z"l, "First American Jewish Families,
1654-1988", 3rd edition. In the chart, which follows down two
different family lines I am tracing, the late Dr. Stern shows the
Maharal immediately connected to a Rabbi Elias Solomon Levi (Levinger),
with no dates given. It is >from this Rabbi Levinger that the two lines
I am interested in are connected. Rabbi Elias Solomon is connected to
three children, two of whom I know were born about 1784 and 1790,
respectively. This would make it impossible for them to have been
granddaughters of the Maharal! So, I suspect that there are missing
generations, between the Maharal and Rabbi Elias Solomon, if Dr.
Stern's link is correct.

Are any of you able to assist me in determining if this link given by
him is accurate, and if so what the missing links might be?

I am most grateful for any help!
Rosanne Leeson
Los Altos, CA

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