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Peter Rohel <peterrohel@...>

Re; Rosanne Leeson, searching for: Descendant of Maharal of Prague:
"..the late Dr. Stern shows the Maharal immediately connected to a Rabbi
Elias Solomon Levi (Levinger), with no dates given.. ..Rabbi Elias Solomon
is connected to
three children, two of whom I know were born about 1784 and 1790,

Below Salomon may be the same person:

Spiro, Salomon Levinger (= Salomon Wolf Levi oder Salman Levi; sein Vater
war burgauischer LandRb, geb. 1748 Pfersee, gest. 1825 Gailingen): studierte
in Prag, 1776 bis 1825 LandesRb der Ritterschaft Liebenfels mit Sitz in

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