Extended family of Rav Dovid of Novarodok 18th cent #rabbinic

Yonatan Ben-Ari

The Rav of Novarodk about 200 years ago, (who was a contemporary of
Reb. Chaim of Volozhyn), and the son of R' Moshe of Kletzk. Family
tradition has it that we are descendants of Reb. Dovid's brother (name
unknown). Does anyone have information on other children of the above
Moshe of Kletzk? This R' Dovid wrote a sefer "Galya Mesechta" which
was published by his son-in-law RABINOWITZ..
Some researched this Moshe several years ago and came to the
conclusion that Moshe is not Moshe EISENSTADT but was probably an
acquaintance of his.

The present family name of his descendants is ABRAMOWITZ but it's not
definite if we are >from a female line or at what stage this family
name was adopted by our family.

Moadim Lesimcha

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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