Next Basic Jewish Genealogy Course beginning November 1 #rabbinic


Not sure what JewishGen has to offer? What are the best websites?
Organize your information better? Get personalized help? Well
consider JewishGen's Basic Jewish Genealogy course, which consists
of 8 text lessons, delivered online twice weekly, which you can
read online or download at your own pace.

The lessons cover using genealogy formats, organizing information,
Jewish naming conventions, Internet Genealogy Resources, U.S. Vital
Records, U.S. Census and U.S. passenger manifests (Ellis Island);
two lessons will be devoted to JewishGen's web site and its many
databases. It will also contain hints and tips on how to best use
your computer and the Internet. We feature an online Forum where
students can post their ancestral information, documents and
photographs, and get answers and suggestions >from the instructor
and fellow students.

The tuition for Basic Genealogy is $60, however, if you qualify for
the Value Added Services by virtue of a $100 donation to JewishGen's
general fund within the past 12 months, you are welcome to enroll at
no additional charge (to get the waiver don't enroll just yet,
instead send a note, with your JewishGen ID, to
Jewishgen-Education@... and we'll send you the
instructions to register with the waiver).

For more information, go to and read the
description. Students should be comfortable browsing the internet and
have 5-8 hours per week available to read the lessons, sample the
websites, and interact with the Forum. For questions email

Hope you can join us
Phyllis Kramer
VP, Education, JewishGen, Inc.

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