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Kohn <kohn@...>

Hi Ari,

My family is supposedly also related to the Chiddushei HaRim according
to my cousin the family genealogist. (Tennenbaum, Glixman, Shulevitz

Supposedly my ancestor, David Markowitz was brought to Lodz to be the
Rosh Yeshiva of the Chiddushei HaRim in the 1840s.

My mother's maternal grandmother (Rachel Markowitz b 1884) was
supposedly a first cousin of the Lev Simcha through his mother, the
Alexander Rebbe's daughter ????

Her sister Rebecca married Jacob Hollander and went to Melbourne >from
London in 1905.

You might know my cousin Micheal Lust who is very active in the community.

The Hollanders had Pessie, Eber and Bernie. Eber and Millie Toscman
Hollander had Valerie who married Ralph Robinson and had Jeffrey and
Louise. Louise is in Israel and is married to Alex Breuer and has children.

Peggie had Joan Goldstein who is the mother of the Lusts, Graham,
Michael and Steven who are themselves grandfathers now. LOL.

And Carol married Eddie Paykel and has three daughters.

Bernie and Anita were unable to have children and adopted one daughter
who despite her Orthodox upbringing, married a Gentile and converted to

I mention this, in case you know my family. I would guess that you are
related also. Now the world is a smaller place.

A Freilichen Chanukkah to you and your family,

Renee Kohn

Hollywood FL, USA.

Ari Morris wrote:

I am seeking information about the descendants of the Chiddushei HaRim
(R' Jicchak Majer ALTER, 1798-1866), the first Gerrer Rebbe.
R' Alter had a daughter Pesa Cyna Alter (b. 1820) who married R'
Benjamin Eliezer JUSTMAN. They in turn had a daughter Szosza Justman
(b. 1840) who married R' Jakow Fajwel WARSZAWIAK (son of R' Nachum
Izrael Warszawiak of Lipno).
My great-grandfather was Nachum Izrael LANDAU (b. 1885 in Lipno), son
of Josef and Ester Sara Landau (nee Warszawiak).
I am wondering whether it is possible that Ester Sara Landau (nee
Warszawiak) was a descendant of the Chiddushei HaRim via his
granddaughter Szosza Warszawiak? If anyone has any information or
ideas, I would be grateful. Thank you.

Ari Morris <arimorris@...>
(Melbourne, Australia)

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