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I show connections >from the Chidushei H'Rim to both Landau and J(Y)ustman
families but none that match your information.

eg. Hindel Leah Alter, the daughter Esther Landstein and Avraham Mordecai
Alter (the son of the Chidushei H'Rim) married her first cousin, Pinchas
Menachem Elozor Yustman, the son of Binyamin Eliezer Yustman and Tzina
Pessel ALTER (who was, herself, a daughter of the Chidushei H'Rim).

From: "Ari Morris" <arimorris@...>
Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2009 9:07 AM

I am seeking information about the descendants of the Chiddushei HaRim (R'
Jicchak Majer ALTER, 1798-1866), the first Gerrer Rebbe.
R' Alter had a daughter Pesa Cyna Alter (b. 1820) who married R' Benjamin
Eliezer JUSTMAN. They in turn had a daughter Szosza Justman (b. 1840) who
married R' Jakow Fajwel WARSZAWIAK (son of R' Nachum Izrael Warszawiak of
My great-grandfather was Nachum Izrael LANDAU (b. 1885 in Lipno), son of
Josef and Ester Sara Landau (nee Warszawiak).
I am wondering whether it is possible that Ester Sara Landau (nee
Warszawiak) was a descendant of the Chiddushei HaRim via his granddaughter
Szosza Warszawiak? If anyone has any information or ideas, I would be
grateful. Thank you.

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