MEDALIE family #rabbinic

Chaim freedman

Rabbi Hillel MEDALIE, rabbi in Antwerp and Leeds, was the husband of Miriam
Silver, daughter of Tillie Bloch, daughter of Getzel Bloch ( a descendant of
the Vilna Gaon).

Hillel Medalie was a son of Rabbi Shemarya Yehudah Leib Medalie of Moscow.

A brother of Hillel, Aharon Shlomo (1897-1943) was a son-in-law of Rabbi
Avraham Chaim Halevi Katzenellenbogen whose wife Perel was a daughter of
Rabbi Eliyahu Barukh Kamai, Rosh Yeshiva of Mir ( a descendant of Rabbi
Avraham Ragoler, brother of the Vilna Gaon).

I am seeking descendants of the Medalie family who have information about
the descendants of Avraham-Chaim and Perel Katzenellenbogen.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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