PARNES/PARNAS Rabbinic Family #rabbinic


Hi everyone,

I'm interested in finding out information concerning the PARNES/PARNAS
rabbinic family, originally of Dubno. Specifically, I am looking for
information concering R' Aryeh Leib PARNAS, the son of R' Hayyim
Nachman PARNAS of Vilna. The last bit of information I got on him was
that R' Aryeh was born circa 1820, which would fit my ancestor, R'
Aryeh PARNES's approximate birthdate (based on his son Moshe Yaacov
PARNESS who was born somewhere between 1841 and 1846 going off Moshe's
1911 England census record and his tombstone in England). I am aware
that R' Aryeh Leib PARNAS had a brother named R' Yaacov Moshe PARNAS
which is driving my strong suspicions of a connection to this family.

I also have a picture of Moshe Yaacov's tombstone that I am unsure as
to the significance. The style of the epitaph is a poem based off the
letters of his name. In my limited experience, I have only seen this on
the tombstones of prominent Jews or their descendants. If someone could
clarify this for me, I would be most appreciative. You can see the
tombstone here:

[or --Mod.]

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

Best Regards,

Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL

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