Re: Chaim Yaakov, Av Bet Din, Markuszow, Poland #rabbinic

Larry Tauber <ltauber@...>

Two thoughts regarding the stone:

1. There does not appear to be a year date. Perhaps the words mean
something along the lines of: "God to you" her soul has gone.

2. The translation "bitter Cheshvan" is not technically correct. While
"Mar" does mean bitter in Hebrew, and it is sometimes popularly stated
that Cheshvan is called bitter, the proper name of the month is actually
"MarCheshvan" not "Cheshvan" as it is sometimes shortened to. [Derived
from Aramaic and Akkadian, meaning 8th month, See H. Horowitz, How the
Hebrew Language Grew]. While it is possible that a play on words is
present, more likely the inscriber was simply using the more proper
complete name.

Larry Tauber

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