Shpoler Zeyda Family Tree Project #rabbinic

Jeffrey Mark Paull

Because he did not consider himself a rabbi, and because he left no writings
or Chassidic dynasty behind, family trees for the great tzaddik, R. Yehuda
Leyb (1726-1812), better known as the Shpoler Zeyda (soundex: Zayda, Zaide,
and American variant Seide), or Saba Kadisha, are rare.

As a Ainikel of the Shpoler Zeyda, I decided to take on the project of
assembling a descendant tree for him. Through this project, Jeff Briskman
and I have so far identified about 350 of the Shpoler Zeyda's descendants,
covering as many as eight generations for certain branches of his family

However, this is about as far as the existing records will take us. To
complete more branches of his family tree, we will need help >from his
current descendants in the Zeide/Seide families.

We therefore cordially invite anyone who is a descendant of the Shpoler
Zeyda, and who can identify their grandparents, and possibly their
great-grandparents, to help us in completing his family tree.

In exchange for this information, there is a very good chance that we can
provide you with your complete line of descent to the Shpoler Zeyda, and
your contribution to the Shpoler Zeyda family tree project will be
acknowledged in any future publications.

Best Wishes to All,

Jeffrey Mark Paull

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