GROSSFELD, KRICHEWSKI #courland #latvia

Nicolas Grossfeld

I am searching for all possible information about Lausik GROSSFELD born on
November, 18th 1862 in Dunabourg(Dvinsk).
His parents names might have been Jacob and Itta and his brothers/sisters
names could be Herschke, Schlomo, Alexander, Lisa, Manja, Bascha, (?)
Lausik GROSSFELD married Sonia KRUTSCHEWSKI >from Ekaterinoslaw in 1892 and
they went to Paris at the end of 19th Century. I am also searching for all
possible information about Sonia CRUTCHEWSKI (French spelling on her naturalization
certificate) born on March, 20th 1867 in EKATERINOSLAV.
Her brothers/sisters names could be ROMAN, GRISCHA, ABRAHAM, MINJA, ZILLA,
NUSSIA; VERA, LISA (?). They died in Switzerland
where they lived in Zurich and Geneva. They are my Great grandfathers.
Thank you

Nicolas Grossfeld, Lausanne, Switzerland

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