Re: Rabbi Eliyahu Baal Shem #rabbinic

Yosaif Dubovick <ymd000@...>

if my memory serves me well;

Klillat Yofe by R' C N Dembitzer
also, see Aderes Eliyahu (R' M Issereles & R' E Loanz - Zohar - Machon
Shaarei Ziv, Yerushalayim) - the info is grossly inaccurate, as the
author of the preface has melded the 2 R' Eliyahus, however the
sources are useful. See also the intro to Rinas Dodim (R' Eliyahu
Loanz on Shir HaShirim), Beitar - his info is also very useful.
I believe R Shlomo Sprecher had an article on R' E B"S as well (Yeshurun)

Does anybody know information, or where can I check, the ancestry
(toldos) & descendants of Rabbi Eliyahu Baal Shem (of Worms)
Rabbi Yosaif M. Dubovick
Betar Illit, Israel

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