Rav Yosef of Beznitz #rabbinic

Yonatan Ben-Ari

In our family there is mention of a Rav Yosef (no family name)
presumably somewhere around the beginning of the 19th cent.

In one version of the tree this Rav Yosef is the Rav of Breznitz. In
all the trees he is a son-in-law of a grandson of Reb. Naftali KATZ,
author of the Smichas Chachamim, through the lineage of R' Shmuel and
his son R' Arieh leib (his presumed father-in-law) who were Rabbis of
Kremenetz during the 18th cent. R' Yosef was the father of Israel (no
known family name-possibly ROSENBAUM) of Ostrog and a follower of the
Apter Rav (Heschel). Yisrael's son, Yosef married into the family of
the Admo"r of Lechowitz (R' Aharon and Perl-marrying their daughter).

My interest lies primaily in identifying the above R' Yosef of
Breznitz. What town is this? What was his family name and any other
details about him. Published material as to our lineage end with the
above R' Arieh Leib of Kremenetz and don't come down to our

As mention above, I am in possesion of two family trees: One prepared
by the Jerusalem SCHECHTER family (my branch) and another by another
Jerusalem family ZEIVALD-PAPIRNE ( PAPIRNE being members of the
Kalin-Stolin Chassidic group).

Shavua tov

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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