Re: Mentors and Disciples #general

Alan Ehrlich

From: "Mordechai Perlman" <mordechaiperlman@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:19:52 +0200

"[...] I am searching for genealogy software that will assist me in
mapping the genealogy of the Rabbanim... [...] that will allow me to
input mentors and disciples and to show graphically, connections
between them."


Since what you're looking for is "very specialized", if no other perfect
solution turns up, you could possibly use software like "Brother's Keeper"
that allows creating an "Event/Fact" with respect to any individual in the
tree, plus naming witnesses to the "Event/Fact" and then assign the "Mentors"
as witnesses to this "Event/Fact" (for example Education)... And use a
second different ""Event/Fact" (any one of the dozens that Brother's Keeper
has built in) and name the "Disciples" as "Witnesses" to this event.

In Brother's Keeper, "Witnesses" become part of the family tree and
therefore could also be assigned wives, children, Mentors, Disciples and
other "Events/Facts" as well as relationships of their own.

Friendly regards,
Alan (Ehrlich)
Geneva, Switzerland

MODERATOR NOTE: Detailed discussion of the operations of specific
genealogy programs is beyond the scope of JewishGen lists. Please
continue the discussion of the details of how Brother's Keeper
handles "Events/Facts" privately. Suggestions of other programs
that can do what Mordecai Perlman is looking for will be considered
for posting.

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