YAKOBSON/YAKOBSOHN/YACOBSON & variations #rabbinic

Malcolm Courtney <malcolm.courtney@...>

Although I originally posted for information on my great great
grandfather in January this year, I now have further information
about his family that may help in my search for details on him. He
was >from a family of rabbis and dayans and was himself a Hebrew
teacher and rabbi. His name was Abraham YACOBSON and he was married
to an Annie KLINK. My great grandmother, their second daughter, was
born in 1850, so I am looking for information up to this date, and
beyond to apporoximately 1880. The family lived at various times in
Tilsit, Salismunde and, I believe, Tukums. I do not know his origins,
but suspect he came >from Latvia or one of the Baltic countries.
Please respond to me privately. Any help would be greatly received.

Geraldine Courtney, Hampshire UK

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