Details re: Crown rabbi PUMPIANSKI? #rabbinic

Richard Pompian <rpompian@...>

A brief article about Russian government rabbi and author Aaron Elijah ben
Aryeh Loeb PUMPIANSKI was included in the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1914. He
was born at Wilna in 1835 and died at Riga April 26, 1893. He graduated
from the rabbinical school in Wilna in 1859. He was government rabbi of
Ponevezh, government of Kovno, 1861-1873, and then of Riga >from 1873 till
his death. The JE article lists his publications and sources for the
article. Does anyone have any additional information about this person,
particularly data regarding parents, spouse and descendents (if any), other
names by which he might have been known, and where he was buried?
Alternately or in addition, is anyone aware of a listing (probably Imperial
Russian) of government rabbis in Lithuania and/or Latvia. Thank you.
Richard Pompian

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