R. Naftali KATZ #rabbinic


I noticed that some time ago, Mel Werbach and Yoni Ben-Ari (and
others) posted that they had done some significant research regarding
descendants of
Naftali Katz.

I am interested in this family.

I do not descend >from him, but I am interested in the Gliksman family
that generated both Baruch Bendet Gliksman, Phineas Zelig Gliksman, and
some others. It looks as if one of the early male ancestors of this
family, Jacob Gliksman, married a woman named Glika (perhaps the
origin of the surname? I do not know). She is said to have been one of
eight daughters >from Kolo, and a granddaughter of Naftali Katz [see note
below --Mod.]. She probably died a bit before 1820.

Jacob was born around 1748, and I assume Glika was about the same age .
Therefore, any grandfather (if that is indeed literally correct --
sometimes "neched" is used figuratively) would likely have been born not
much later than 1700, and probably no earlier than 1650. I hope that
makes sense for R. Katz.

Anyway, I would appreciate it if Mel and Yoni could be in touch, as
well as any others who would like to discuss these details with me.

Thank you.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

Note [added later by Steve Bloom]: It is actually her father, Meir
(likely born c. 1720) , who was the grandchild of Naftali Katz (birth
date is given differently in different sources, but seems to be c. 1655).
That birth date seems to be consistent for someone his supposedly the gf
of someone born around 1720. I do not know if Katz was Meir's paternal or
maternal grandfather.

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