RAPPAPORT-CHENCINSKI connection #rabbinic


I noticed recently that David RAPPAPORT, an 18th century elder of
Opatow, was alternatively referred to as David CHENCINSKI (meaning,
">from Checiny", a nearby town). I am interested in this name because
some CHENCINSKI married into my BLUMENSON family, the family of R.
Yakov of Widoma (who, as far as I know did not have any substantial
"yichus" himself).

I see >from Gershon Hundert's book on Opatow that David CHENCINSKI
had a son Moshe, and son-in-law, Zelman, both taking on the
quasi-surname of CHENCINSKI (I say "quasi", since there were no
required surnames in general during that period, and the Jews who
had surnames seemed to often change them for any number of reasons).

I suspect my CHENCINSKI relate to Zelman. The reason why is that the
Hebrew name Shlomo (equivalent of Zelman) and the woman's name
Sheindel, repeat in "my" CHENCINSKI family. The original Zelman's
wife's name was indeed Sheindel (daughter of David). My CHENCINSKI,
by the way, are not Kohanaim, but the other rabbinic Rappaports of
this immediate region were Kohanim. I do not immediately see any
RAPPAPORTs in my rabbinic sources (Rosenstein, etc.) that can be
these same folks or their close relatives. Lurie Legacy by N.
Rosenstein refers to a David RAPPAPORT of Checiny, but he appears to
have lived almost 100 years later than the David in question above.

In addition, I can trace my CHENCINSKI to a Josef, b.circa 1750, most
likely in or near Konskie. I suspect he may have been a son of Zelman
mentioned above. I also see >from Konskie records that there was a
Jacob of the same age. I actually think he may have descended >from
Moshe, since he clear has more men with the name Moshe in his branch
later on.

I would appreciate it if anyone could offer some insight, either
privately or publicly (if of general interest), either on the
Rappaport of this region, the Rappaport/Chencinski connection, or any
details regarding the modern Chencinski family.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia, USA

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