Use of DNA testing in rabbinic genealogy #rabbinic

Beth Long

Hello All,

In addition to written family trees, I am surprised that more use is
not made of Y-DNA testing in establishing connections along the male
line of these rabbinic families.

I am the administrator of the Heimlich Y-DNA project (through Family
Tree DNA), and we were surprised to find that the surname had three
separate and distinct genetic male ancestors (each of a different
haplogroup). Of the fifteen branches we have tested so far, everyone
falls into one of the three.

Beth Long

Leslie Reich <> of Manchester wrote:

There exist no genuine ancestral charts showing relationships between
people alive today and those of Talmudic times, over 1500 years ago.
(Those who claim descendancy >from the Tanna, Rabbi Yochanan
Hasandler, who lived around 150 C.E., are unable to show the linkage.

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