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Details about Rabbi Yissachar Dov (Ber) ILLOWY are found in the
Hebrew book "HaChatam Sofer VeTalmidav" (The Chatam Sofer - Rabbi
Moshe SOFER of Pressburg - and his pupils), by Rabbi Rabbi M.A.Z

The details include his biography, some genealogical details,
portrait, an image of a letter he wrote and his tombstone inscription.

He died in 3rd of Tamuz 5631 (= 1871) and buried in Cincinatti.

Best regards,
Tomer Brunner, Israel

From: "Mordechai Perlman" <mordechaiperlman@...>
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 21:23:50 +0200

Rav Yissachar Dov ILLOWY >from Kolin, Bohemia, was a Rabbi in America
from 1853 until 1871. His last rabbinate was in Cincinatti, Ohio. Does
anyone know what the date of his Yarzheit is and where he is buried?

Mordechai Perlman <mordechaiperlman@...>
Jerusalem, Israel

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