Re: R' Yitzchak Landau of Krakow #rabbinic

Yisrael Asper

If you are referring to the Rabbi Yitzchak Landau who was the
fatherinlaw of my ancestor the Noda B'yehuda then it would
certainly fit in >from everything I can see as he indeed did
have a son Rabbi Yaakov as stated in the Unbroken Chain of Neil
Rosenstein and the places and dates seem to match. My father's
mother was the daughter of a Rabbi Zev Volf Prag (HaKohen) an
Aleksanderer Chasid >from Lodz. Either he or his wife or both
were descended >from the Noda B'yehuda. I would suspect he was
as his last name was Prag.

Yisrael Asper
Pittsburgh, PA

--- On Mon, 5/30/11, Isak Gath <> wrote:
Dear RavSigers
I am looking for info concerning ancestors and in particular descendants
of R' Yitzchak Landau, who was AB"D of Krakow, Poland, during the years
1754-1768. Did he have a son named R' Yaakov ? Was R' Yaakov LANDAU of
Tarlow (1705-1777) his son?

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