Re: Yichus of MaHaRaSHaL #rabbinic

Yosaif Dubovick <ymd000@...>

Which book are you referencing?

Did you try "The Lurie Legacy" by Neil Rosenstein?

The Maharshal himself cites Rashi as his ancestor,
see Yam Shel Shlomo Yevamot
(I am currently unable to provide an exact citation)

See also Dr. Meir Raffeld's PhD dissertation if possible


Yosaif Mordechai Dubovick
Betar Illit, Israel

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011, Michael Waas <> wrote:
Could someone let me know what is the accepted Yichus of the
MaHaRaSHaL. In the little bit of access I have to the book on the
Lurias, there is a tree that states it is a reconstruction of the
family beginning with an ancestor Itzhak who was close to the Rashi.
What is the validity of this yichus? I am looking at its source
material >from sefer Ma'alot Hayuchasin and it seems to be the only
source for it.

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