Re: SCHONFELD & RABINOWICZ families, London #rabbinic

Mathilde muPe <mupe@...>

Hello Neil Rosenstein,

I'm sorrie to say I do not have additional information. I do however
have a question;
I'm trying to find out the names of descendants of rabbi Zeev von
Zbaraz. His father Michael von Zlotshov (1726-1781) seems to have as
last name Rabinowitz. Since the name means son of the rabbi, searching
this name is like looking for water in the sea.

Did rav Elimelech Yakov Isaac Rabinowitz have Ze'ev von Zbaraz as anscestor?

Kind regards,

Mathilde muPe

On 2011-07-02 00:43, Tamar Gold wrote:
Rav Elimelech Yakov Isaac RABINOWICZ, 1864-1939, had 14 children. 12
perished. Two daughters remained -

1. Malka Channa, married Rav Judah Haim SCHONFELD of London,
1892-1967, who had a granddaughter, Libby Feingold in Golders Green. I
am trying to contact her.

2. Yehudit, married the well-know writer Shlomo Ashkenazi. I'm trying
to get more info on him and his family.

Please respond to

Neil Rosenstein

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