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Shmuel Shoshan <sshoshan@...>

My grandmother, Hinde ROTTENBERG, [killed in the Shoa in 1942], was
the daughter of Rav Meyer Sholem Rottenberg. In Antwerp he was known
as the Skolyer Rov.

His wife was Sara Weiser. She was the daughter of Yacov Weiser of
Veretski, and grandaughter of Avrohom Eber Rozenberg of Zavidke

This Meyer Sholem was the son of Rav Yitschok Moshe of Skolye
[Sometimes called 'Rav Moshe of Skolye'. Rav Moshe was the son of
Rav Meyer Sholem [Dayan of Striy].

Here is my problem: I am trying to go further back in time. Who
was his father? Any additional information?

Thank You

Shmuel Shoshan

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