Joachim BOMS, David LIDA, and Nathan of Posen #rabbinic

Steven Bloom

I am interested in the origins of Rabbi Tuvia Yosef BOMS of Sieradz.
His father was said to be Joachim BOMS(according to records), though
some sources say "Nachum." Given that Tuvia had a son Hillel (born
around 1840), I suspect that Joachim might have been the son of
Hillel Benjamin BOMS of Lask.

In any case, Joachim was said to be connected to the family of David
LIDA of Amsterdam and Nathan of Posen (other sources indicate that
these last two were related themselves, so I assume that's the nature
of the BOMS connection).

I would appreciate it if anyone who has some insight into this
connection could contact me privately.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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