Re: Rav Dovid of Vitzer #rabbinic

Harold & Yvonne Berman <harvon59@...>

I have just been told that Vitzer is the Yiddish name for the shtetl of
Vidzy in Belarus

From: "Harold & Yvonne Berman" <harvon59@...>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 11:59:59 +1100

I am trying to find information on my maternal grandmother's family,
especially my ggfather. My maternal grandmother's name was Paja
SUDANSKY and her father was the Rosh Yeshiva according to family
stories of a yeshiva in Vitzer. I cannot find any trace of this place.
There was a great aunt Nachama RACHELSON who made aliyah in the early
1900's and a brother Herschel SUDANSKY who made aliyah about the 1930's.
The family was also related to Hermann JADLOWKER the opera singer and
lead Chazzan of the great Synagogue in Riga.

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