Linsker yichus and others #rabbinic

Shloimie <avikrula@...>

Hi all,
Does anyone know who Reb Tzvi Hersh M'Cheriv (who was a son in law of
of Reb Mendele Linsker) wife or childrens names were?
How did HaRav Naftali of Melitz came >from the Bal Nodeh B'Yehudah?
Also was Reb Yisroel Oelbaum a son in law of the Rebbe R' Meilich of
Lizensk or a son in law of his son Reb Elazer of Lizensk?
A frailichen Chanikeh!
Shloimie Schwartz
Avikrula@... New York, USA


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