Re: ABD Aberle of Amsterdam #rabbinic

Micheline GUTMANN

First, I would like you to confirm: your Jakob COHEN (1654-1721) would be
the son of Elia (1614 Hanau- 1653 Altona) and Ulk MEILREICH?
Elia, son of David Menahem COHEN-HANAU (1588 Worms-1660 Altona)?
Your Hanna was Jakob's wife?

As for Abraham Aberle, there was a rabbi of Amsterdam Abraham Aberle WORMS
also called WIRMEISE who died June 1678 Amsterdam
He succeeded to his brother Isaac EMMERICH also rabbi of Amsterdam who died
in 1663.(See GOMPERZ family)
This rabbi Isaak married Zippora Eliezer LEER. Their son David married
Roschen Jacob LEER of Emden. The couple died of the plague in 1665.
As for Abraham, he married a Sara Jacob (could be LEER).
Is this only a coincidence?

Best regards.
Micheline GUTMANN, Paris, France
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