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The name Yehuda

Does it mean Lion? In our family we have many variations of the lion name,
Leib, Leo latzi etc, and we called our son Arieh, which is Ivrit for Lion.
I looked up the meaning of Yehuda and it seems to mean "praised." As we
know, Yehuda was one of the sons of Yaakov, and therefore Yehuda was one of
the 12 tribes of Israel.

The symbol for Yehuda is the lion, and the" Lion of Judah" is well known.
Judea is the central part of the Holy Land where Jerusalem is and has been
for millenium.
Perhaps that is why "Yehuda Leib" are common as a Rabbinic name combination.

Joe Gilad

Researching Yehuda Leib RAPAPORT (Cracow)


9) Rav Shimshon was the son in law of the pillar of Torah, pillar of the
world (plus more epithets), Rav Yehuda Loew, who was the head of the
Rabbinical court in Prague. he was known as "Hoecher Leib" because he
was >from Hoech (and the name Yehuda means lion, which is Leib in Yiddish
- this is a common nickname for people named Yehuda).
10) Rav Leib/Yehuda was the son of the great Rabbi Bezalel of blessed

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