Re: Question concerning tombstones #rabbinic

Lynn Saul <lynnsaul@...>

The designation "morenu" is our teacher--probably considered a rabbi
because of Jewish scholarship. Not all were "Official graduates" as
we have today.
I recommend the book "Lithuanian Yeshivot of the 19th c" by Stampfer
and also his book "Families Rabbis and Education" for an overview of
your ancestor's situation. (mine too, one a dayan amd the other moreh.)

Lynn Saul

From: Michael Waas <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 10:32:54 -0400
I have a question that has come up lately that I'd like to see
answered. In my family and in a relative's family, we have a few
ancestors and associated family with the notation of MOH''R on their
tombstones. Yet, for all of the deceased, we have absolutely no record
of them as a rabbi (thus far). As far as I know, the appelation of
Moreinu HaRav only appears on the matsevot of rabbis.

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