Pogrom in the mid to late 1920s. BIENENFELD SOVA Family #rabbinic

David Zoldan

Pogrom in the mid to late 1920s. BIENENFELD SOVA Family

I was listening to a tape recently which has bits of a recorded history
spoken by my grandfather, Jerome (Yeruchum) Bienenfeld. My grandfather
was the son of Yehoshua David BIENENFELD and Rachel SOVA. Yehoshua
David was a son of Shmuel BIENENFELD and Chana Rochel TYK. Rachel SOVA
was a daughter of Yisrael Asher and Leah SOVA. My grandfather lived in
Kikol, Poland and his grandparents lived in Lipno, Poland. Both cities
were not far >from Warsaw.

On the tape recorded some decades ago my grandfather remembers some
antisemitism when the cossaks came through town. Most of the events
seem to have been minor except one time when grandpa was about 9 or 10
that everyone had to hide in the basement, especially the women-
grandpas mother and aunts. Grandpa was born somewhere >from 1912-1918
(we think:)) So the event which stuck out in his mind when he was 9 or
10 may have been somewhere in the 1920s.

My question: Does anybody know of a specific pogrom where thre cossaks
came through either Lipno or Kikol during the 1920s (or any in the 20th
century). I would appreciate any help on the matter. Thank you to the

Avraham David ZOLDAN
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