Alpert rabbinical family. #rabbinic


Any help would be appreciated for members of this family, especially
the Israel address and phone number (>from 1999 - Pages of testimony).

G14. R. Mordecai David Alpert,[1] born in 1855

G15.2. Wife of R. Shalom Shtilbanz, born in 1874 and studied in the
Volozhin yeshiva and Kollel Kovno, became ABD Rogonova >from 1907,[1]
son R. Phineas Zelig, ABD Izlian (>from 1870).

G15.3. Abraham Alpert, married Deborah. Lived in Volozhin and perished
with family.

G15.4. Isaac Alpert, a shop owner, born in 1904, married Channah. They
lived in Kovno and perished with family in the Kovno ghetto.

G16.1. Nathan Alpert-Treistman, Rechov Yavneh, Cholon

G16.2. Chaya, born in 1922, perished in Kovno.

Neil Rosenstein

[1]Ohalei Shem (1912)

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