Rabbi Shlomo KLUGER #rabbinic

Mark Tritsch

In connection with research on the KLUGER family in Munich I would like to
gain confirmation of descent of the family >from Rabbi Shlomo Kluger of Brody
from the Munich records I have :
Jakob Wolf Kluger (born 30.11.1873 in Mislenice, Galicia, died 16.06.1939 in
Munich) and his parents Osias Kluger and Rachel Kluger née Scharf.
Osias and Rachel are probably the Yeshaya Kluger and Rachel Miriam Scharf
(granddaughter of Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Scharf) found in a publicly available
table of descendents of Rabbi Scharf (1786-1868).
This would leave one generation to be identified between Yeshaya Kluger and
Rabbi Shlomo Kluger, if the descent is correct.
Is there anybody who can help me on this? I have no experience of dealing
with rabbinical genealogy. Are there any records of Rabbi Shlomo Kluger's
children and grandchildren or published tables of descendents?
Best regards to everyone,
Mark Tritsch
Ulm in Germany

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