Seeking a rabbinical family in Lublin, likely named FRENKIEL #rabbinic

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My late grandmother Miriam nee FRENKIEL (who died before I was born and
after whom I was named) seems to have had quite a life. Born in 1910 in the
town of Belz (then in Poland, now in Ukraine) to an ultra-religious
rabbinical family, she apparently ran away >from home after her father died
when she was around 15. She ended up in Krakow, where she met my grandfather
and had my father shortly before WWII, and then fled with them to Russia
during the war.

All we ever knew about my grandmother's family was that she either cut them
off or was cut off by them, and for the rest of her life she refused to
speak about them. We knew that her parents were called Todres FRENKIEL and
Rachela nee FERLIPTER, but we did not know the names of her siblings or even
how many there were, let alone anything about her wider family.

I have spent years trying to find some information about my grandmother's
family (an extremely difficult task with vital records for Belz apparently
non-existent and with FRENKIEL and its variations being such a common name),
and hit nothing but brick walls. But recently I had the great good fortune
to discover, through Israeli aliyah records, that a sister of my
grandmother's moved here just before WWII. I managed to track down the
sister's family in Israel, and the discovery has been mutually delightful.
The sister, who was two years younger than my grandmother, is of course no
longer alive, and unfortunately, her family doesn't know anything much about
her family either.

They have, however, told me one snippet that may be the breakthrough I need:
Apparently the sisters' father, Todres FRENKIEL, was the son of a prominent
Chassidic rabbi who lived not in Belz but in Lublin. He was a rosh yeshiva
and possibly even an Admor.

The family also told me that the two sisters had five older brothers, one of
whom apparently studied medicine. The family does not know anything about
the brothers or any families they may have had.

And this is where I'm reaching out to the JewishGen and JRI-Poland
communities: I have searched JRI-Poland, the Rabbinic Genealogy SIG, the
Belz and Lublin yizkor book necrologies in JewishGen, and books and websites
devoted to rabbinical genealogies for a 19th to early 20th century rabbi in
Lublin called FRENKIEL or similar, but I have not been able to find
anything. Even when I do find a site with rabbinical genealogies, many give
rabbis' first names but not surnames, or refer to the rabbis by their town
only, and I can't connect the dots. I would welcome any information,
suggestions, or links that might help point me in the right direction! I
would also be thrilled to learn anything at all about my grandmother's
brothers and to discover any living descendants.

Hoping to hear >from someone,
Thank you in advance,
Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,
Raanana, Israel

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