What is the location of the place called "Eislingen"? #rabbinic

Alan Ehrlich

R. Nathan Nata ben Samson Spira "Askenazi" (aka Nathan Nata Spiro)
notably had two granddaughters: Esther bat Solomon Isachar Israel
(Scapira) Spiro and NN bat Solomon Isachar Israel (Scapira) Spiro.

NN first married Natan ben Jesaja (Nathan Schay), and after NN died
Natan married her sister Esther.

The sisters' father-in-law was named Scahya >from Eislingen (who had
a brother named Aron schay >from Eislingen).

We know this because the two brothers were the court Jews of Emperor
Karl V., and their names are recorded in the Letter of Protection
that the Emperor granted them on September 25th 1550.

My question: Do you know of a place that our forefathers called
"Eislingen"? Possibly this is one of those place names used uniquely
by Jews for a location in Eastern Europe that gentiles referred to
by a different name.

Because, I've searched -- unsuccessfully -- in Eislingen, district of
Göppingen, Germany. Also in Esslingen, Germany which is nearby.
Finally, I've even looked, but in vain, in Ettinger's Ele Toldot
because there was a family in Frankfurt called Esslingen. But none of
them had given names which suggest they are the family I'm searching for.

Thank you for any suggestions you might offer.

Kind regards,
Alan Ehrlich
Geneva, Switzerland

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